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Review On Two Chinese Songs for An Upcoming Chinese Series

I've been posting way too dark posts and it's been making me uncomfortable. I wanted to post a more lighter post for my audience so here we are. I rarely put reviews on this blog much less talk about music. This might change in the future but it's not final yet. I have been following the updates on a Chinese drama that is soon to air called: Journey of the Flower or 花千骨。I haven't read the novel personally because I haven't been able to find the book in my Chinese bookstore and only read snippets online. What I can say is this is a very dramatic romance drama and heavy on spirituality and fantasy. I love series like these where stakes are so high.

Here is a short synopsis on the novel:
Hua Qian Gu is the world’s last God, so since young she has often been injured by demons and supernatural spirits. After her father’s death, she followed his bidding and went to Mt Shu to learn some skills. Then after the death of Mt Shu’s leader, she took over as the leader. Because…

We Can't Even Tell The Difference Between Terrorism and Normal Gang Violence

Photo credit goes to
This news article was heartbreaking but at the same time I couldn’t help but laugh just for a brief moment. I laugh at how idiotic the government is and how the commissioner is at labeling gang members as domestic terrorists.
Gang members are not terrorists. I think when they start creating bombs and anthrax and plan operations to blow up banks, federal buildings, and train stations are when you should start labeling them as terrorists. Gang members are just ordinary human beings that have been misled to lead a life of violence because they believe that is the only way they can earn lots of money. Or maybe some of them are just narcissists or sadists that love to see others suffer. One thing I can say for certain is they are nothing close to terrorists.
If the U.S. government labels these gang members as terrorists, then they have obviously learned nothing of …

Where Is a Safe Place to Call Home?

I have already made a similar post to this a few days ago. However, I just felt so sickened by turning on the news every morning and it just bothers me for the entire day when I hear how many lives have been lost again in a mere short number of hours during the night due to gun violence. It's saddening to see so many lives lost and makes those that choose to stay out late at night or have to work night shifts to be fearful. Nothing is predictable anymore or maybe it never was in violence. How murderers are never caught or it requires time to track them down and that only gives murderers to have more time to hurt even more people. 
I won't deny that I too have begun to feel fear when I have to work early morning shifts regardless of the neighborhood. You don't know who that person walking towards you or behind you is capable of or what their motives are. Society believes that moving up north from the Southside of the city will be safer but violence is everywhere. Where is …

Food Waste Problems

Check out this news article:
I am very happy to hear that France is making it illegal for supermarkets to throw away edible food! When I saw this peace of news, I had to suppress the urge to leap up and yell in joy. I work in a supermarket myself in a department that handles food and I've also worked in other jobs where I have also handled food. I have aways been disgusted with how much food supermarkets and other food chains throw out each day. I had to throw out perfectly fine cooked drumsticks and salmon and even pounds of romaine because they don't want to use the outer leaves for salads. I don't care if customers complain the outer leaves are rough or the texture is horrible. I use every single leaf when I cook at home.
Why? Because you don't know how just a single leaf of lettuce could make a child in a third world country smile in joy and wolf down hungrily. It could mean l…

Let Voices Be Heard In Own Neighborhoods!

Please honor the voices that need to be heard and honor the memory of those who have left us due to violence around the country and outside the country.Remember the children the have all left this world too soon, seniors who’ve left this world before truly enjoying the happiness of family, young adults and teens who’d been robbed of their life due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time and meeting the wrong people.
Whenever you turn on the news, the radio, all you can hear is: ‘gunshots were fired last night in a neighborhood and there were x amount of casualties or they are in critical conditions’.It sickens me to hear this again and again each day. There is no getting better only getting worse in the major cities especially Chicago. I feel there is only so much that the government can do. When the government states that they will start up these certain events and gatherings to encourage and educate communities to watch out for each other, it can only work so far and help so…

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry guys for the late post for Mother’s Day.
These last two years of Mother’s Day has been harder for me than usual compared to prior years. I lost the second mother in my life last year, my Aunt Lee as some of you already am aware of. She had an influence in my life and I am unable to repay her for all she did this lifetime other than living out a good life, as she would have wanted for me. My own mother and I are never on good terms so my aunt was the peacemaker between us and for my mother and things that she would not let go of.I am grateful to have two mothers. One who shaped me, taught me, gave me the necessary qualities of being a good person and one who was there to give me what I needed on a daily basis.
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!
No matter if you love your mother, hate her, never met her, or have lost her due to natural causes. I want you all to remember that that woman you call a mother gave you life. You wouldn’t be walking on earth if it weren’t for he…

Dream and Talent

When someone tells you: ‘there is a difference between a dream and a talent. Some people have it and some don’t.’ What would you say in response? I actually have given this question some very serious thoughts when I was still in high school and decided what I wanted to become when I grew up. As young teens and adults, we question ourselves about whether it’s just an empty-shelled dream and will never come true or do we have the talent or not. This applies to most people who are aspiring artists, writers, musicians, and so on. When one decides to become a creator, to set foot into the field of liberal and fine arts…are you sure you have what it takes is what many find their subconscious minds asking themselves over and over timelessly.
We never do really find the answer. I haven’t yet. I do believe and have been told I have the talent, an eye for detail and information. However, I totally suck at writing physical descriptions for a scene in a story. That is where I fall short. It had…

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