We Can't Even Tell The Difference Between Terrorism and Normal Gang Violence

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This news article was heartbreaking but at the same time I couldn’t help but laugh just for a brief moment. I laugh at how idiotic the government is and how the commissioner is at labeling gang members as domestic terrorists.

Gang members are not terrorists. I think when they start creating bombs and anthrax and plan operations to blow up banks, federal buildings, and train stations are when you should start labeling them as terrorists. Gang members are just ordinary human beings that have been misled to lead a life of violence because they believe that is the only way they can earn lots of money. Or maybe some of them are just narcissists or sadists that love to see others suffer. One thing I can say for certain is they are nothing close to terrorists.

If the U.S. government labels these gang members as terrorists, then they have obviously learned nothing of what true terror or terrorism is despite what happened in 9/11. This is not terrorism but only people who kill for no reason at all. These are spree killings that are gang related; there is no intended target or specific type that they are after. Whereas in terrorism, people go after a certain race, country, a designated building, and kill a mass number of people than one.

Gang members are just people who never finished school or have been badly influenced by others and in the type of neighborhoods they grew up in and turned to gangs for protection, power, money, for whatever purpose. And before they realize it they have to commit all sorts of crimes to survive. I am not sympathizing gang members because I feel what they are doing is wrong. But that doesn’t give us a right to just casually label them as terrorists when we are tired of calling them gang members or whatever other name you can think of.

I feel this is just a huge joke and shows how stupid the big shots of Chicago really are. This isn’t going to solve anything with labeling and name calling and imprisonment.  Imprisonment only works for so many years, labeling and name calling is childish. There will be more and more violent acts if communities and police don’t work together to put an end to gangs and their influence on younger generations. Nothing is going to change even with community outreaches- maybe we should just ban guns from black markets and the U.S. for good if that is the only way to end gun violence.

Rid guns from the country from civilian’s hands unless they are working in law enforcement. Pull up all the roots of the black markets and suppliers underground and wipe every gun off the streets. But what the commissioner is suggesting right now is pointless and has more strings attached and hoops to go through than they think.


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