Review On Two Chinese Songs for An Upcoming Chinese Series

I've been posting way too dark posts and it's been making me uncomfortable. I wanted to post a more lighter post for my audience so here we are. I rarely put reviews on this blog much less talk about music. This might change in the future but it's not final yet. I have been following the updates on a Chinese drama that is soon to air called: Journey of the Flower or 花千骨。I haven't read the novel personally because I haven't been able to find the book in my Chinese bookstore and only read snippets online. What I can say is this is a very dramatic romance drama and heavy on spirituality and fantasy. I love series like these where stakes are so high.

Here is a short synopsis on the novel:
Hua Qian Gu is the world’s last God, so since young she has often been injured by demons and supernatural spirits. After her father’s death, she followed his bidding and went to Mt Shu to learn some skills. Then after the death of Mt Shu’s leader, she took over as the leader. Because she is not strong and powerful enough, she went to Mt Chang Liu to learn more skills. She become the disciple of Bai Zi Hua, the leader of Chang Liu sect.
When Qian Gu and Bai Zi Hua went traveling, while trying to save Qian Gu, Bai Zi Hua is poisoned and nearly died. She used her own blood to extend his life. Then, she made use of the spirits to save him, thereby releasing the demon god. Such an action is condemned by the entire cultivation world. The demon god gave all the strength and power to Qian Gu. At the same time, her shi shu (one of the other leader in Chang Liu) found out about her love for Bai Zi Hua so she got sent away to confinement. With Dong Fang’s help, she managed to return to Chang Liu. She returned because she mistakenly thought Bai Zi Hua is going to accept another disciple when he had already said he will only accept Qian Gu as his only disciple in this life.
Sha Qian Mo who is the leader of the Yao and Mo (demon) realm, attacked Chang Liu in order to save Qian Gu. As a result of this battle, Sha Qian Mo become the living dead, Dong Fang died and Qian Gu is imprisoned by Bai Zi Hua, under Chang Liu’s seabed for sixteen years. Due to Qian Gu’s blood, Tang Bao, the adorable little worm is able to cultivate and become a person. She went to rescue Hua Qian Gu but sadly is killed. Because of that, Qian Gu broke all ties with Bai Zi Hua and become the demon god, ruling the demon sect.
Bai Zi Hua who cannot stand to be estranged fron Qian Gu, went to seek her out. He stumbled upon her kissing Mo Bing Xian and felt very distressed and heartache about it, thereby the unfeeling poison in his body flare-up. Qian Gu deceived him into killing her. Because of that, Bai Zi Hua become crazy for 30 years. Then in the epilogue, they ended up happily together.
Credits for synopsis go to:仙侠奇缘之花千骨/ 

Pretty intense eh? Now there's been a lot of controversy on the main theme song and opening song for the soon to be aired series. Many complained that the songs are too simple and the lyrics are too modern and have no deeper meaning behind them. I have to disagree on this because I feel the songs and lyrics are perfect for the series and the deeper message is in there. However, everyone is different so I won't argue but only say what I thought about them.

Lyrics: (roughly translated by me.)

Use your hand to unlock my lock.
A thousand obstacles, 
my love for you has never changed. 
Loving you was loving a mistake,
losing you was losing my sanity,
It's not that it's unspeakable,
it's because I am afraid to say it. 
each step each smile
each step each heartbreak
each step each hardship
turns into a moth flying into a burning fire.
because i fell in love with you,
i lost myself.
Allow everything fall with the wind.
it's not that it's unspeakable,
it's because I cannot say it. 
I want to keep this promise,
don't blame me for my weakness,
but love doesn't allow you and I 
to protect each other and live.
because I fell in love with you,
so I become the person I am,
and I fall into silence with you.
We laugh at fate jerking us around. 
My opinion: The tune is very ancient and very gentle and soft. I feel this song is perfect for the main theme of the series. The lyrics are meaningful and it explains the relationship between the last God and her master's relationship. Her master is constantly in a struggle of protecting the last God but what the synopsis didn't mention was her master's life or death test is this girl. That is why he either can kill her and become enlightened or choose to let her live and it may cause his death. That is why the lyrics make sense where he cannot speak what he feels towards her and she doesn't understand until much later I think. I think its very suitable for this pairing. 



When longing soars through the night sky,
attachments still remained tangled, your voice still clear,
When your back turns away and disappears in the crowds,
there remains an unfamiliar loneliness,
never try, never see, never never know,
never find, never seek, never let you go.
so deep, so far, so so painful,
so much love, so much hate, so much suffocation,
who's love is so crazy? Selfish to the core
when a fight ends, we embrace and kiss and fall silent.
Who's love isn't crazy? If it isn't, how is it considered love?
Not wishing for tomorrow, for forever, for the future,
as long as your eyes have me right now then it's enough. 
Too stubborn, too detached, 
this type of love is too heavy.
Here's the fire,
here's the fire,
here's the fire, 

My Opinion: As for this- it's much more bolder, so I can see why this is the opening song. It speaks of fierce love and gentle love, the price of love and the pain of losing your love. It's more suitable in speaking in general of all the characters and their outlook on love. Many people argued that it was too modern and detached from the series. However, romance plays a big role in this series and novel despite other themes in the story. It's the canon theme and this is why the songs are so simple to some but that's how love is when you love someone...that immense amount of stubbornness, that longing for them, loneliness, so deep, so far, so much pain, so much hate, and yet we suffocate and still love them. We only want them to have us in their gazes for even a brief moment. That's how simple it is and how it is for many of the characters in the series and novel I believe. 

I also apologize that its not the translation of the full songs only snippets and my translation is very rough so it may have not captured the powerful words the original song conveyed. 

Please enjoy! 


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