Where Is a Safe Place to Call Home?

I have already made a similar post to this a few days ago. However, I just felt so sickened by turning on the news every morning and it just bothers me for the entire day when I hear how many lives have been lost again in a mere short number of hours during the night due to gun violence. It's saddening to see so many lives lost and makes those that choose to stay out late at night or have to work night shifts to be fearful. Nothing is predictable anymore or maybe it never was in violence. How murderers are never caught or it requires time to track them down and that only gives murderers to have more time to hurt even more people. 

I won't deny that I too have begun to feel fear when I have to work early morning shifts regardless of the neighborhood. You don't know who that person walking towards you or behind you is capable of or what their motives are. Society believes that moving up north from the Southside of the city will be safer but violence is everywhere. Where is a safe place to live in Chicago? I heard about the shootings that were only blocks away from where i lived a while ago and I live pretty far north. I was rattled. When I heard about the shooting in Rogers Park, I was even more bewildered because that's a really nice neighborhood and for shootings to happen there--it begs the question of where won't shootings happen? 

The mentality and psychological states of killers, robbers, offenders, what you want to call them are unpredictable. Anyone is capable of becoming the type of people you fear due to triggers, or pressure , or the most common aspect, stress. We are all aware of that by now. I have friends who've said they are planning to move into the suburbs because they are under the impression that it is safer. I won't deny that fact that it is perhaps safer but how much safer? 

I feel that instead of running from these offenders, why won't communities stand up and unite together with neighborhood systems for children and even for adults if needed if they are going to be outside late at night or outside of parental supervision. Running will only show your fear and encourage offenders' actions even more. The first step to a safer community is uniting together from within your community and reaching out to local police stations and those who can help to create systems to lower the risk of becoming victims. 

I hate to say it but people will start being afraid to going outside even in broad daylight soon if this violence keeps persisting. It begs the bigger question of what neighborhood, what suburb, what city, what state, what country is a safe enough place for people to call home if we are not willing to start taking bigger steps in our actions and efforts to make communities a safer place? 

I pray each day during mediation and work that my family is safe. That people with families are safe, that people regardless if I know them or not will have a safe day and make it home safely. Because that is the most important thing in life, and that is to lead a safe life and wish for those we care for and those we don't even know to be safe and return home safely each day. 


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