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Food Post: Mmm. A Taste from the Past!

Have you ever had a snack when you were a child and then not have it again until fourteen years later? Well, I have just come across this experience. The picture above is a chinese snack and the English name roughly translated is Dates and Walnut candy. It's really healty and made witth actual walnuts. Big pieces! Not like walnut poder or crumbles of walnuts. Chewy and delicious. I had this candy when I was really young around six or seven and then never had the honor of having it again until now. My mom bought a bag, and we shared a few pieces and boy did it bring back memories! Childhood memories, bitter and sweet ones. It just feels so good to have a taste from the past. I never knew why we stopped buying this snack. Maybe we got tired of it or eating too much was bad for your health. However, eating the candy now just brings back so many faces, voices, and tears of those childhood days. How one piece of candy could make me so happy back then.

The candy wrapping paper is very …

Book Review: The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin

I just finished this book this morning. Many people have been saying that Amanda Coplin is the next John Steinbeck. I have been thinking about this having read East of Eden a few years ago by Steinbeck, and I have to agree that their styles are alike or at least similar in many ways and captures details, streams of consciousness, showing the different phases, sides of a human so brilliantly. I simply cannot wait for Amanda Coplin’s next book, its hard to believe this is her debut. She is indeed the next John Steinbeck!

This book captivated me the moment I saw it in an email from barnes and nobles about it being a new release. I read the synopsis and the cover art called out to me strongly. I hesitated about buying it at first but the synopsis of the story kept popping up in my thoughts for days and finally went to get it. I dove right into it and it grabbed me tightly already on the first page.

The author’s changed of perspective and shifts between the characters don’t bo…

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