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Poem: Artists

Artists listen, observe, and feel.
A single portrait can cause the world to tremble,
a single story can cause tears of strangers to fall,
a single song can cause memories to resurface.
The power an artist holds in their hand is limitless.

Brushes, pencils, paper, pens, paint, instruments,
such simple tools with such boundless power.

A musician drumming away on their guitar,
a painter guiding their brush across their canvas gracefully,
a writer sitting down and scribbling across a notebook as they observe the scene.
What a sight of unswayed passion and fiery motivation they have.

They are the perfect trio of creation.
They paint the truth, the horror, the joy of life.
They sing the emotions of thoughts.
They write out what others are afraid of saying out loud.
They are the truth tellers of the world.


Easter Poem: Piece for Friend

(This is a short poem written for a close and dear friend whom I call sister for her character on the game DOMO.) Hope you win the contest! 

Running through lush green fields, Losing their footing on the edge of a hill and they fall. Falling into emptiness as mirrors break free of the sky and fall with them. Alice grabs onto her white rabbit’s hand for comfort, Souls united by an ancient force that no one can comprehend, Love so deep that not even God can deny.
Rabbits and pupus fall after them as Alice watched the hill above them continue to collapse. Colorful eggs roll down after them in the decreasing light. Grab all of the eggs that you can! Chocolate, rainbow, mystery ones, grab them all! Before Alice and her white rabbit beat you in the game

Thoughts on Usage of Non-Asian actors in Asian TV Series and Movies in America

I remembered how rare it was to watch american television as a child and even to this day to see an asian actor or actress having a main role or a supporting role. It was like christmas whenever you saw one on a show even if it was only for one episode. However, I was not bothered by it too because this is America, and I guessed people enjoyed seeing caucasians, african americans, and hispanics on television more than asians. That was the norm and is still is to this day. 
However, nowadays you see a little bit more asian faces in series such as Lane in Gilmore Girls, Magnus in The Mortal Instruments, and Joan Watson in Elementary. That really excites me and makes me proud to see that asian actors/actresses are getting more spotlight finally. However, that is not the main point of this post. 
I've been noticing several films in recent and past couple of years that though the movie is about China, Japan, Korea, or another Asia country the main leads are always non-asian. Some good…

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