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Childhood Memories- Do You Guys Remember These?

Do you guys still remember these two bad boys?

I don't know about you guys but these two items were what accompanied me in times of boredom and when I didn't have anything to satisfy my urges for a snack. My aunt would have a set of play-doh one of her kids bought for her to keep around whenever her grandchildren or I came over to visit. I remember playing with play-doh in her basement on hot summer days when I was around nine or ten years old. It was very entertaining for me. I would spend hours molding the clay into hamburgers and human figures. It kept me busy for hours and very fun.

I would choose to play with play-doh than play with a computer or electronic devicce any day and if I someday do have kids. I would rather they play with play-doh than electronic devices. I want them to experience what I went through and to learn to be creative, work with their hands, and communicate with family than face a lifeless electronic device all day.

This Fruit Stripe gum is the firs…

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