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Happy Valentine's Day !

I recently came across an interesting tweet on twitter yet it disappeared for some reason even though I saved it. It was very good but I was unable to find it again but I remember it faintly and so I will do my best to improvise on what I remember from that tweet!
Basically the prompt was where does love come from? Does it come from the heart or your feelings or something completely different? What does love mean to this generation? What does love mean to you? I feel this is one of those questions where it’s repetitive but offers so much diversity in the answers you can receive. It’s exciting to hear what others think so please comment if interested!
As I always do for my posts, I’ll offer my answer and thoughts on the questions that were brought up earlier. I do believe that love comes from the heart. The heart is a mysterious organ and many ancient civilizations believed that emotions are born from the heart and all we feel is born from there. The heart is the holder of the long list…

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