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Writer's Block Moment

Writer's biggest obstacle isn't whether they can write a good tale, have good plots, have captivating characters, but it rather lies with having a writer's block moment. You can be sitting in front of whatever utensils you use for writing and your mind is at a blank. You can have the most intriguing story down on paper but suddenly realize you hit a brick wall. It can be because your neighbor's construction next door is driving you bloody mad, or you woke up and really don't know where to pick back up your eagerness to continue the tale.
I woke up today to such a state of mind. I tried reading the two novels which I have been reading, which are Anna Karenina by Tolstoy and Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Tolstoy's writing has always been reading but difficult for me to concentrate. Murakami's writing also catches my interest in the first line. That's the difference between writers. It all lies in that first line in the book.

I felt that it's not…

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