Happy Valentine's Day !

I recently came across an interesting tweet on twitter yet it disappeared for some reason even though I saved it. It was very good but I was unable to find it again but I remember it faintly and so I will do my best to improvise on what I remember from that tweet!

Basically the prompt was where does love come from? Does it come from the heart or your feelings or something completely different? What does love mean to this generation? What does love mean to you? I feel this is one of those questions where it’s repetitive but offers so much diversity in the answers you can receive. It’s exciting to hear what others think so please comment if interested!

As I always do for my posts, I’ll offer my answer and thoughts on the questions that were brought up earlier. I do believe that love comes from the heart. The heart is a mysterious organ and many ancient civilizations believed that emotions are born from the heart and all we feel is born from there. The heart is the holder of the long list of emotions we all experience in our life long journey.

Let’s think of why that makes sense. Because every time we are aroused by a desire, it starts in the mind but if your heart is not into it then there is no point. The mind is only the logical and rational component of our human frame. The heart is the one that sparks up that fiery passion and desires that serves as the throttle for so many things. The heart triggers the fiery determination to not give up. The heart and mind must coexist each other, one starts the idea and the other adds the enthusiasm and passion to the act to make us more driven by it.

I’ve done a lot of lurking around social media sites and apps before getting ready to answer this question of what love means to this generation. I feel that everyone is different but for many teens in high school I feel love is more based on physical appearances and sexuality than what lies inside a person. Teens tend to go for the hot girls with the great butts and big chests. Not giving much care to personality wise as long as they have similar topics. It’s understandable and not a bad thing but kind of insubstantial and they’re young so it’s understandable. I go on social media sites and there are many posts that go: ‘guy with the navy blue shirt in the lunchroom, you’re so hot!’ It’s so bold of girls to do that on social media risking that that guy may find out but probably not. I feel the majority is so bold in stating this complements in hopes of starting a relationship with them. I envy these youngsters for being so bold and brave. I think that’s what love means to many in this generation. There are some who aren’t as bold and tend to like someone from afar. Everyone is different but if you like someone then go for it. The bottom line is I feel everyone just dreads the feeling of being alone and loneliness. They want someone to share the ups and downs of life with.

As for me, I’ve always been evasive in love and I have had my share of rough patches. I’ve refused to even think about relationships for a long time but the loneliness has been irritating me. I can be bold if the other party is not. Because it shoves me to be the initiative, I guess it’s a challenge but also a chance for me to practice being more open than waiting for others to make the first move. I’ve always had rotten luck in love. I digress too much.

I think love for me is finding someone who knows what you’re thinking without saying anything. Someone who understands you better than you understand yourself and it’s the same the other way around. Someone who is there through the good and bad times and doesn’t abandon you even if everyone does. Someone who can make you laugh even when you’re crying is the most precious, someone who is willing to listen to you rant endlessly and you are willing to listen to them as well. There is mutual respect and an undying, unfading affection between two people is the sweetest thing ever, gentle and calm.

As you grow older- I feel you don't care less about looks but you don't place it as the first thing you look at either. You look at personality and inner beauty more. 

What are your thoughts and opinions on these questions? Please feel free to share and have a sweet valentine’s day regardless if you are spending it with someone or spending it with a pizza and Netflix. Just remember that your friends love you and your family loves you and your other half loves you and you are never alone!


  1. Hi Jae, I love to read your blog haha. I think the same as you, but sometimes we have to give a first step in love, we can not always wait until love come to us. What can you win? What do you lose? You will never know it if only you look!! And congratulations! You are a grear writer (If you want I write in Spanish the next time, eh? haha)

    Feliz Día de San Valentín from Spain!

    1. Hey Javi! Thank you for your comment! I do agree that we have to take the first step in love and cannot always wait. If we don't try...then what are we afraid of losing? If we don't try, how do we know we can't win right? Thank you for your compliments!


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