Reflection on Artist Yuumei's 'Feel and Conquer'

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I came across this amazing artist's facebook page and then found her on deviantart and she has such an amazing talent and gift in art. I do not know her personally but her artwork called out to me when I first set eyes on her work. It was breathtaking and no words can describe the story behind each piece of work she created. Because of her recent art piece and message included in it, I decided to write this reflection to her piece because her message reminded me of my own life and experiences as well and why I chose a creative field in college. 

I feel that most people who go into the creative field usually suffered some horrible experience in their childhood. It could have been a dysfunctional family, abusive childhood, depression, bullying, or whatever the emotional trauma was. They sought an opening to escape from their reality and many of the times that was burying themselves in drawing, music, writing, etc. Those things offered the safe haven they sought and it turned into a fierce passion and dream to tell their view of the world and life. 

I grew up in a fairly difficult family with a father who passed before I was even three, most of my father's side of the family never approved of my mother and me nonetheless so it was hard to fit in at home. I was an only child which only made it more difficult for myself to come out of a shell in which I had already created around myself to keep me safe from most of the world. All the days at home was usually spent in in the living room since the rest of the house was locked up before my mom left for work. I would be watching TV, or talking to myself, or learning how to sow clothes though that ended badly, or reading. I rarely set foot outside besides going to school and never had friends come over. My passion for writing started when my mom's aggressiveness and bad temper started getting out of control in where she would lash out at me in different ways. I picked up a composition notebook (the black and white ones) and just started writing out my feelings and what happened. Later on I started writing free-styled poetry and then shortly after fan fiction and then my own fiction. Creating fictional worlds and characters to where I could escape to when reality was too hard to deal with. 

So yes, I agree with Yuumei that my medicine and recovery was by experiencing everything and turning that happiness, the fear, the questions, the pain into writing. It was also an opportunity for me see the society for what it really was and for me to understand myself and see where I went wrong and where I was not. A pen is the most powerful weapon. Not even the deadliest gun or bomb can compare to the weight of words from a writer. I also have to thank my mother who thought reading was the best way to learn new things and for me to grow smarter so she bought whatever books I wanted when I was growing up and that only fueled my passion further. 

Writing has always been the best way for me to convey my deepest feelings and thoughts out to the world. It makes me feel so free and unburdened by responsibilities. I feel that whenever I write--I am spreading my wings to its full length and just soar through that clear blue sky. My advice to artists and writers out there regardless if you are just starting your creative career or have been on it for a while...never give up or lose sight of what fuels your passion to draw or write. Yes, critiques and rejection from agents and others of your works may be hard to accept but what they don't understand is how much that piece of work means to you. You know what style is best for you, you know yourself best. Don't try to change your style because of the views of others. You write for yourself and no one else. You write what you want to say to the world. The worlds you create belong to you, the characters you come up with are forever yours, and no one can strip that from you. 

Never give up your passion. :) I never will because if writing was taken from me. I don't know who I will be anymore. My writing defines me as well as art defines artists, I am sure. So let's all do our best!


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