Sorry everyone for the disappearance and lack of blog posts. I cannot find a good way to explain what has happened to me during these past few months. A few sentences could describe what I've been through and that would be...Life is unpredictable, in these few short months of time. I lost a dearly relative that I loved deeply and everything was turned upside down for me. I lost my job...went unemployment for months, got lost, pawed around to find my way again, now I have a job again but lost the last relative I relative I truly respected. There were gains and losses I guess it all depends on how I choose to see them. 

Today while I was sitting on the bus on my way home from work. I sat in a seat where my feet were off the ground by a feet or two. Yes, I am not the tallest person in the world but certainly not the shortest either! Though I feel horribly short at work....anyways. While my feet were dangling in the air, I felt that humans have never really thought more deeply about how mysterious it felt to have their feet leave solid ground like physically.

When you're in a plane, you have the floor of the place under your feet, when you're in the car, same thing. However, when you're on a swing, sitting off the edge of the building, or whatever the cause may be. You never felt so free....so weightless, swinging your legs through the empty air. I wondered if spirits felt the same way, weightless, free, let go of control or worry of where your legs are swinging to. 

Come to think of it...we as humans are always dangling off of life aren't we? Struggling to hold onto something to find somewhere to belong to. We are always dangling off of life, of work, of whatever the case may be.

Isn't that true? Unable to truly grasp onto something and be secured, we'll always let our grip slip and we'll fall. 


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