December Is A Very Special Time of Year

I love the month of December. I was born in the month of December and there was always something about the bitter cold, the bitter silence during the gentle snowfall that always made me feel warm and in fall in love with. Many would say that those born in the winter months are unfeeling and unsympathetic towards others. However, I don’t think that is the case but in reverse, we are the most positive and warm people you’ll come across in my experience. It’s just that magical in my view.

I came across this photo for December and just wanted to share it. It’s a month of light and snow and feasts! A time where friends and family come together and enjoy the company and holiday season! Lights that will bring light on dark paths and light up anyone’s gloomy moments. I always loved the colorful holiday lights people hang up once Thanksgiving is over. It’s so symbolic and happy to see all those outlines of reindeers on lawns and beautiful Christmas trees in the windows.

I just love snow because it falls gentler than rain. It lands silently on the ground as if it fears awakening the sleeping inhabitants on earth. It’s purpose is to serve as a white blanket to cover the earth in during the brittleness of winter. It’s so pure, gentle, and peaceful that makes me wish to always hold the first experience of my first snowfall as a human close. It floats across the sky…endlessly until it decides to land on the ground. It can fly up from the ground with the slightest movement. It let’s us feel less alone in this world.

December being the last month in a year is also a remainder for us to make amends and tie up loose ends and finish up whatever goals you planned for yourself that year. It’s also when we hope that wishes that were made and efforts that were given would bring us some sort of fruit and closure. I love December.

This has been a rough year for me, too much has happened and my mentality and emotional states have gone through too much loss, surprise, and fulfillment. What I have learned is faces come and go in one’s mind. Friends come and go and nothing can last forever. What I do wish for is the bonds we make and memories of people will remain with us forever even if the actual people have long left us.


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