My Thankfulness For This Year

I must apologize at how late my Thanksgiving post is this time. I ran out of data on my internet at home and didn't feel like typing it up on my phone. This is better late than never because we should be thankful each and every day of our lives, right? 

I am most thankful this year for several people being in my life even if they are not thankful or grateful for me being in their lives. It doesn't matter to me even if its only one-sided. I am first most thankful and grateful for having such an amazing lady as my Aunt Ho Heung Lee. She is one amazing woman who raised me in my mother's place since I was very young. She taught me the morals she learned throughout her life. She was a very selfless woman and I can confidently say that if there was no her then there is no Ann today. Who knows how I would have turned out or where I would end up? I am forever in her debt and I have no idea how to thank her now that she is no longer with us. 

I am most thankful for E.V.  I once promised her i would never disclose her real name because she is huge on privacy so I will use her nickname a good friend gave her a few years ago. She and I met because we were both introverted types and bookworms in college. She is so intelligent and composed that I treasure her so much and shared so much with her. She and I shared a lot, and we both went through a lot and leaned on each other as much. I am proud to have her as such a precious friend. 

Next up is a very dear friend I've known for many years. He and I shared so much and recently things have been rather sour and bitter for us. Jams. He and I met in an online mmorpg and we connected slowly and then deeply. We were such good friends in my opinion. We were young...he was several years older but still young back then. We changed and grew as the years went on, and I can only say only friendship grew much stronger as time went on even if there were moments of tension. I believe we will remain friends regardless of what happens even if he does not think the same. I don't regret meeting him and going through so much with him even if he doesn't think the same of me nor remembers me anymore. 

Raccoon is a nickname I gave a person who is still very precious to me. He and I met during the summer at the place I worked. He appeared in my life during a time where I had decided to put down a one-sided crush for good at work I had for the past few months. I like to think it happened for a reason that he suddenly appeared so coincidentally for a reason. I have so much dreams and wishes I want to accomplish with him. I want to spend so much time with him. He was the first one to tell me that he liked me for a long time. I was stunned and devoted myself to him quickly. Many of you say that is so foolish but we shared a lot in a short period of three weeks. I felt like I knew him for so long and was so sure he was going to be the one. I still believe that regardless of how far we are from each other. We are just so similar it's frightening but warm to know as well. a friend Jams introduced to me recently. We are both writers and clicked so fast once we exchanged phone numbers. It was frightening for both of us. We connected so quickly and so deeply that it felt as if we found our other half. He is definitely what I will say is the better me if I didn't go through a lot of tremendous horrors and drama in my childhood. I will treasure him for a very long time because he is a one of kind guy and someone who knows me and i know him and yet at times we still claim we don't know each other. Confusing, eh? But he is special to me. 

My final be grateful and thankful for all the people you meet in life. Please be grateful and thankful for all you experience because those people and experiences shape and change you for better or worse no one can say. What can be said is they're a part of us and will never fade. Bear your lessons and scars proudly and be thankful for them. :)


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