Mindset Can Change Anything

Hello! My name is Rekari and I'm a friend of Jae! She's given me the honor of writing on her blog. I haven't done much guest posting in my time as a writer, so I'm very happy to have the chance. I mostly write about anime and Japan, but today I wanted to discuss something a little different. Basically my views on mindset.

Contrary to popular belief, mindset can change pretty much anything. People may say it doesn't matter how you feel inside, but instead it's what you actually do. I completely disagree with this statement. I think that what you do is important yes, but if you aren't feeling or thinking well inside of your body, your actions outside will reflect this.

We can even relate this to the time a person has affections or feelings for another. They may try to act confident and be calm on the outside, but usually the inside is the opposite case. They're probably nervous, scared, and many other things. This reflects on their bodily behaviors and actions, such as playing with hair, sweating, stuttering, and more. Although this is not necessarily a positive example of how our mindset changes things, it's one most people can relate to.

Backing away from this, think about the fact that our brain is an important, if not the most important part of our body. We can live without a brain to a certain extent, but it's questionable if we are really alive. Now we cannot necessarily say our mind resides in our brain, but all over us, as our whole body is affected by our emotional and mental states. When it comes down to it, a lot of emotional and mental states are under our control. We cannot necessarily control what people do, but we can respond to what they do in a positive way. So like how we control our physical movements, we can control our inner self as well. Now how can we use this to our advantage? Basically by becoming more positive thinking, and eliminating negative thoughts.

If we change how we feel inside, even if it's gradually, it will start to change our outside as well. Have you ever seen how naturally beautiful people seem to have wonderful personalities? Or that many successful men and women are optimists? What about the quote that states "what's on the inside is what matters." All of these, directly or indirectly, point to the mind. The mind is a powerful thing which is why the mind should be constantly sharpened.

So when it comes to change, yes mindset can do it. Mindset can help you recover from deadly illnesses. Mindset can keep you sane when you have every reason to lose your sanity. Mindset can help you prevail through tasks you didn't even think were possible. Mindset can make or break you in life.

With this post in mind, it's best to take a look at yourself and see what mindset we may hold. Readers, do you view the world in a positive light or negative? Do you see things as black and white? What does life mean to you. For everyone, the answer is different, but it's not the difference that's important; it's the effect the view has on the person.

Some ways of thinking may make us feel powerless, so we don't necessarily need to change our personality, but change our approach and outlook. We need to see the potential and power that everyone holds, even ourselves. Once we can abandon the view that we have no power or control over things, we can truly become strong and rise up to any challenge. By taking hold of such a mindset, you can change anything.

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