Merry Christmas To All

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a day filled with joy, laughter, good memories, and great company with family and friends alike! Another year is coming to an end. It seems so fast in the speed of blinding light, doesn't it? Nothing seems real and everything that happened this year seemed like a dream within a dream. What makes it still seem real is the people we've met, encountered, bonded with, and the memories that were made. 

I feel that we may want a lot of things every Christmas and when we do receive what we asked for it makes us so happy and we hold it as the most precious and valuable thing for an amount of time. However, I feel for me the best Christmas gift I receive every year is that friendships still remain, new friends have been made, memories have been knit, strings of fate have been sealed, and memories regardless good or bad will be apart of us for a life time. Things like clothes, jewelry, toys, etc can worn out and be tossed aside and forgotten after an amount of time. However, what never loses color or its worth is the bonds we make and share during a lifetime. 

All I want for Christmas this year is for all the people I care about and love to be happy and peaceful. I also do want world peace but that'll take a lot of work and time, one step at a time! Also- I do wish to find my significant other soon and if they have already appeared to please allow things to progress smoothly. :). 

Have an awesome Christmas day everyone!


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