Human Emotions Cause Us to Lose Ourselves

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In previous posts, I have mentioned how human emotions can drive us to actions that we usually wouldn't do if emotions didn't play such a strong part in the process. Emotions can cause us to take risks and lay high stakes for ourselves that we usually wouldn't be willing to attempt or do. Ambitions drive us to disregard what happens to those around us whether we know them or not. Personal gain turns us into selfish people. Hate turns us into a negative and stubborn person with a narrow mind and view on everything. Jealousy drives us to do dangerous things that can harm others. Love can be so beautiful and yet so frightening at the same time causing people to become too dedicated or devoted and blinded by that passion. Pain and loss strikes up revenge in us. Sadness strikes up us to become sulking and depression. As you can see everything in life, in nature, in this universe is one chain connects to another, one leaf will be covered by another. Everything goes hand in hand and human emotions are the only weakness of humanity itself. The biggest enemy and biggest ally and it all depends on how you go about it in your journey of life. 

I must thank +Mallika Padhi again for her beautiful post on this and I've chosen to expand on it. :) 

When we were a first newborn baby that just came out of our mothers' womb, we carried no clue of what emotions were. We were simplistic. We only knew to cry and laugh and pout when we didn't get our way. We expressed ourselves freely without worrying about the effect on others with no burden or things to tie us down. Sadly, we cannot remember the time of being that simplistic toddler- it seemed to belong to a different life. How we call wish we could return to that time. 

Emotions are born from our own hearts, from our desires, from our wants, from our dreams. It seems beautiful but frightening at the same time. Many of the times we overestimate our control over our emotions and underestimate the drive of those emotions. That is the mistake we all make in one situation or another. 

However, I feel that no matter how strong the drive of emotions are, we should always remember to keep our logic and rationality close with us. If we love someone, do not let that single reason force us to give up dreams and what is better for us and certainly do not smother them with your love. If we hate someone, do not let that hate mute the reasoning and good advice of others out of your ears. If we have personal gain, do not let that hunger to drive you to disregard the needs and feelings of others. If we are suffering in loss and pain, do not let that drive you to take revenge on others...we aren't gods and have no right to do that. If we have ambitions, do not knock others out of the way to reach your goals. They are human beings too and everyone deserves a fair chance. 

Don't lose your kindness, your tolerance, your forgiveness, your gentleness, your compassion, to the drive of emotions. Your actions can cause someone's life to crumble to ruins, your words can cause someone to do something to themselves that you can never take back. 


  1. Thankyou so much once again! :)
    Your writing really reflects the kind of person you are,your thoughts and its really wonderful..So simply put yet so meaningful.
    My mother always says anything in extreme is bad for us... too much love and we become spoilt,too much of forgiveness and people will take you for granted.In life the right balance of all emotions makes you a truly happy person.Equilibrium in thoughts and actions according to me are essential.
    Once again,I thoroughly loved your blog,it makes you introspect and discover yourself,inspire yourself! :)


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