Connections Is Crucial in Finding Jobs Now.

Connections. This is a word I’ve heard more in college rather than high school or elementary. I recall every now and then hearing my mom talk about how ‘connections’ got her an interview or a job when I was growing up but other than that I really never cared about them until ‘connections’ was all you ever heard in college or ‘building your network.’ I certainly don’t think it’s a complete bad thing. You’re friends with these connections and when the time comes and you need a favor then you reach out to them. I am not saying everyone is like that but many do that and it’s irritating and unfair to other people.

I am writing on this topic not because I want to attack people who’ve gotten jobs because of connections in the past but because of things that are going on at work and a friend who also has been talking about this on a regular basis on Facebook. I felt I had an obligation to share my own insight on the matter.

Yes, connections are really important. Yes, building a network is really important to get others to become aware of your existence. That’s why professors encourage us to make portfolios and create accounts on mass social network sites to broaden your experience and talents. However, I feel that no matter how well you took notes and listened to tips and advice on how to broaden your network…you can never really beat having connections in high places.

We all dreamed becoming a receptionist for a huge company or working for a huge cooperation for an entire life. However, what they never tell you in school is that in order for you to get your dream job…is that you need to have an inside connection or graduated with honors or from one of the most prestigious universities. I do feel that having a connection on the inside gives anyone a better chance of getting the job than most.

 I feel bad for myself and others I know who went to school for all those years and yet that means a little more than nothing compared to knowing someone at the place you are applying at. You can imagine it as a widespread web of knots that are joined together and no outsider can hope to get linked into the web. Because people will only help people they know, I know that sounds really negative but that’s how society is right now.

My friend said he had worked in an office job before and would never do so again because those people in those offices can’t even do what they were hired for. They aren’t worthy of their job titles and can’t get anything done on time. Offices are just a place to talk gossip and hide from doing their jobs and only few do their job and are mission oriented. When I heard of this it made me sick, so many people wish to land an office job their entire life who actually does work and yet never can.

‘A good word’ through friends and family can really give you a lot in the vast fields of work out there especially for big companies as I’ve felt and been told. Yes, many jobs say you need this many years of experience, but do you really? I don’t feel that you need the experience. As long as someone has above average IQ, anyone can do an office job. It doesn’t require that much skill and everyone is teachable. A certification only looks pretty what really makes a worker worth the price is how much work they can get done and how well they can do. And some people who have BA and Master degrees are dumb as a stick.

How can they be making 70k a year with that attitude and intellect? Probably because they have connections in high places that put in a good word. That’s how realistic and cruel this society is right now. I thought this only applied to big companies but I was wrong. This applies even for a position at a supermarket or mall. Hard workers get overlooked and higher positions get filed This applies to all jobs and if you don’t know anyone you are screwed. It makes me sick and despises me to see this is how terrifying and unreasonably society has become. And this is why I don’t want to work in offices and would rather reside in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

This system of society is deteriorating and it pains me to see it so but who would be willing to speak up?


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