In Memory of Harper Lee

US author Harper Lee dies aged 89:

I was running around on errands and pulled out my phone to check something when I saw a BBC breaking news notification and saw that 'Harper Lee dies aged 89'. My brain went blank for several moments at this news. It is always tragic when you learn the death of family members and those you admired, respected, or inspired you. It just feels like something was ripped from your chest and you lost something irreplaceable. Another thought that popped into my head was what is with all the deaths of famous creative people such as: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee to name a few. This is just a random thought that I have right now and that is:  'the older generation passes on their legacy to the younger in hopes that new legacies will rise from the ashes of those gone.' ~Ann. In a depressing point of view, the heavens are cruel to end the lives of these legacies but everyday a new one will rise or so we all hope but can never replace those before them. Sorry for digressing!

I remember I was in sixth grade or fifth grade when our english teacher introduced us to To Kill A Mockingbird. None of us knew what it was about and many of us found it boring and confusing for that age. However, we did manage to understand the book with in class readings and discussions and our love for the book grew tremendously. In my personal opinion, this book opened my eyes and mind to justice and racism. I caught onto the book's deeper meaning quick and it pained me as we were closer to the end of the book. It's a book everyone should read and at an early age too because it will open your eyes and mind to what is still happening now in the world. Prejudice based on class, social standing, cruelty, to not prosecute those who've done no wrong, and the inevitableness of fate. 

I reflected that the title of the book means to kill the innocent which was Tom Robinson. Mockingbirds are harmless birds and yet they get killed by poachers and other reasons. It is a sad fate and cannot be changed. 

The quote I included above is my favorite quote from the book and when I always try to do on a daily basis no matter how difficult the day. You cannot claim to know someone until you see things from their point of view and be in their shoes. This quote strongly emphasizes discrimination and to not discriminate or be prejudice about others for any reason. It's not a surprise of how strongly To Kill A Mockingbird reflects society during the time it was written and published. My love for this book has no ends. It shaped me as a person too. 

I have not read Go Set A Watchman yet. I have heard mixed reviews and I don't want any of my characters ruined. 

I love this quote from Harper Lee herself. You guys should all remember this quote and keep it at heart. Rest in Peace, Harper Lee! I will never forget the characters you created and the books you wrote. You were truly an amazing writer and will never be forgotten for the lives you influenced and changed and the minds you put to work after reading your books. 


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