Reaction to: Presidential Election 2016


A Chinese philosopher in the Ming dynasty once predicted that: "people will invent ships that fly in the sky. a cent a pound of rice no one is around to buy, people will walk around barefooted, streets deserted with no human life."

My aunt used to recite this everyday when she was alive. She said ships in the sky was airplanes and now all that is left to come true is the last three things . Vote for a tyrant to govern a land and there will be slaughter and deportation and even if everything was free .... there is no one who will take it.

I remember we had to read 1984 by George Orwell in high school and to this day it's one of the most influential books in my memory. And I hate to say this but it's starting to come true slowly as well. Big Brother is already upon us. 

You know what... I hate to say this but I kinda foresaw this coming.... no one likes Hilary. We should all know that by now. She has her supporters but there are always going to be haters out there. And when all of the unethical stuff started coming into the light and people called her a warmonger.... I knew it was over. 

What's funny is Bill Clinton was such an amazing leader for eight years and the only president that made a difference and improvements to the country. But his wife didn't learn a single thing from him about governing or his morals and logic and political strategies. 

Trump is no better than her. He's a racist and a stereotypical monster with no experience running a country and government. It's like setting a high school grad into a doctor's shoes. It's going to be a horrible mess for the next four to eight years . 

But this also shows how naive and many republican supporters we have in this country..... and they will hold us  back. 

I am disappointed at the results . To be honest the last president that made a difference and improvements to our country was bill clinton. Everyone after him was just a huge disappointment one after the other. There is no more hope for the u.s. I saw that years ago. That's why I'd rather vote for third parties than these idiots. 

People are going to be complaining and moping and screaming and drinking about the results. I hate to repeat myself but you guys chose him!! You guys chose these two to be the final runners for president over Bernie Sanders and the other candidates!!! No one put in a gun to your heads and said: vote for Trump or Hilary! You weren't under the influence when you voted at least I hope not. Who are both equally evil in my opinion. We would have been better off with Bernie. If there is anyone to blame, don't point your fingers at others but please admit your own faults and mistakes if you realize you've made a mistake. In your logical minds, you chose Trump or Hilary over Bernie.. I know plenty of you guys probably don't see the mistake you guys made yet but in time you will. In the next four  to eight years , you will. 

It's funny to see how people said the Canadian immigration site crashed. How people were searching for a way out of the country. Good luck with that...before deportation starts officially. 

With that said.... it's time for me to move to Canada, U.K. or back to China. Haha. 


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