A Little Advice...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been going through a lot at work and in my personal life so please forgive me. I will definitely try to post more often. 

I just wanted to share some good news with everyone that hasn't heard yet and that is I have finally found my other half. Yes, that other half that I always complained about on here and in my journals that I would never found or I thought I had found but it was only a mistake. I am glad to have met the person I have always ranted about in my journals, who has to be a gentleman, kind, caring, big and open hearted, considerate, smart, and dedicated. That sounds like a fantasized character right? But they are real. They do exist. That is my advice to everyone of you. It all depends on a matter of timing, setting, and meeting the right person there and being prepared yourself. 

I always used to think that true love is something that you have to chase after before it slips out between your fingers. It's a constant chasing game and that is how the media portrays it most of the time so I have been constantly chasing guys that I liked for many many years. That was until I met my other half...that I came to realize that true love isn't about pursuing. If two people are meant to be together, then even if they live thousands of miles apart...they will find each other over the billions of heads through fate or through chance. That was what happened to me. Distance doesn't matter before two people who are meant to be. As cheesy as this may sound, in other words soulmates. Nothing can compete with that tug and shared wavelength or bond whatever you may choose to call it. Everything will just fall into place without much effort.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't still work hard or hold onto them tightly just because of all the past experiences I have been through...all the heartbreak and failures. I've come to treasure things that fall perfectly into place far more than things I had to chase after. Many of you many be asking why? Something that you gained without much effort isn't worth maintaining or preserving. I will say that that is very wrong. Because we did work for it, we worked through so many hardships, life lessons, so many highs and lows of life through the years until we reached a turning point of things falling into place for us. We've paid horrendous prices and experienced painful pasts to reach where we are now and to meet who is meant for us. 

Everyone's path in life is different some get very lucky and do not have to suffer in order to find the right person for them, some not as lucky have to go through rings of hell and back before finally meeting the right person, and some people never meet the right one. 

I like to think that each of us have to be broken first and then reborn when we drag ourselves out of that wreckage of the past into a sometimes better or worse person, who knows right? Only then are we prepared to meet the right person for us and they must also have gone through some sort of breaking and rebirth to be ready for the right person. 

Chasing is only a societal norm media implants into everyone at a young age to do. But you want to sit back and think how long did the relationships where you had to chase someone actually last? I am not saying chasing won't let you find true love but in my experience that has been happened or turned out well. 

Allowing things to just happen and fall into place- to go at its natural order...and the right one will just appear before you and you will know right away that that person is the one. 

Don't make things seem forceful, don't have selfish desires, don't keep thinking about yourself...let go and just let things on its own way and order and you will bump into the right one sooner or later. Leave things up to God...Buddha or some higher power you may believe in because they won't ever steer you wrong. 


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