Fiction Can Be so Frighteningly Real

I came across a Korean drama called: Descendants of The Sun. You can read the summary here: . I am not usually a big fan of Korean dramas. I think they're a bit vague and it's the same story every single time, the topics are the same, and the endings are always so heartbreaking. I just feel Korean dramas rarely have a sweet ending...the ones I come across anyways.

I hate tragic endings and there have been dramas where even the main leads all die. Something is seriously wrong with Korean dramas.

This drama caught my attention because the second couple seemed to have such amazing chemistry on screen. Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo. They reminded me of me and a coworker that I have intense feelings for. I'll just summarize how their relationship is.

Basically this guy is often so detached and distant to this girl. He is always so cold towards her and then there are moments where he's so warm-hearted towards her. He cares for her a lot but he rarely allows it to show. He's a really cautious guy and her father disapproves of him greatly as the father had his eyes on someone else as a potential son-in-law. This girl is so relentless and knows what she wants and persists until she gets it which in this case is him. She calls him. He never answers. She texts him...he never replies. He knows it is her and knows he can't be with her. However, she is so full of joy and shines so bright even if it's only his voice that she hears. She just wants to be near him even if he refuses to show any true emotion.

She called him one time and he didn't pick up and she apologized for not always being there for him, for not holding his hand enough, for not hugging him enough but she also said she wished that he would just hold her hand and hug her later on in a different episode. Then there was one episode where he finally answered her call but didn't say anything and just listened to her

And in one of the latest episodes...where the girl was in the midst of an earthquake, this guy finally got his wake up call. The girl asked him how he would have felt if she was not alright after what happened. The guy refused to answer at first but then he stated that he would have regretted all the times he tried to run away from her. And she asked if he was just going to stand there like that. And he just embraced her in a hug.

I was like 'awwwww...!'

This guy at work is exactly the same. He's so close sometimes and then there are days or a short period of time where he just distances himself from me. There's no physical playing around or much goofing off verbally. I feel he's in a constant inner struggle with himself. It frustrates me. I ask myself many times of why he does certain things when he knows I will dwell on it for days and days. And then he doesn't do anything a period of time and it leaves me so sad and confused and dwelling on what the heck is he thinking.

Fiction is frighteningly real....and it is so relatable this time to me. I don't know what to do anymore.


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