Creative Piece: Loved Ones

(This is dedicated to a coworker who passed away recently and also to those who've lost loved ones).

We thought we had all the time in the world to spend with
those we met,
those we connected with,
those who made us laugh and cry,
those that made us furious and happy,
those that we would never want to part with,
those that we would apologize to,
those that we would take back hurtful words and actions for,
those that we shared similar morals with, and
those we loved and cared for.
Sadly, we miscalculated and
the hands of time won't turn back this time.

Fate is a sneaky little beast.
It took you way too soon, way too sudden.
It snuck up behind us and took from us
the very sunlight in our lives,
the very source of our strength and courage,
the advisor of our lives,
the genuine friend from our embraces,
the compass we relied on so heavily,
the bond we valued so much,
the strong wall that we were able to fall back on.
What will we do without you?

We lament,
we curse at the heavens,
we curse at ourselves,
we curse at life,
we lament at a great life ended too soon,
we lament at the unjust of fate,
yet nothing can bring you back.

You left us with a gift that
fate nor gods can ever take away.
That gift is
your warmth in which we hold close,
your teachings in which we remember,
your big heart in which we honor,
your patience in which we practice each day,
your tolerance in which we give thanks for,
your spirit in which we will carry on,
your energy in which we will never forget,
your passion in which we admire,
your love in which we will carry with us, and
the memories you left us with.
We will continue living for you.

We wish if there is reincarnation,
to meet again
in a different setting,
under a different sky,
under different circumstances,
and be happy with you.


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