Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Just finished this book a few moments ago. It's definitely a book that I couldn't put down when I picked it up yesterday. It's a fairly easy read being play format and though it lacks was still a heart wrenching and amazing addition to the series. 

I'll be careful to not give any spoilers so those of you who stumble upon this post and have not read the book won't be spoiled. If you were expecting a ton of action and seeing all of your favorite characters back with the same fearlessness and taste for adventure as the previous books then you are mistaken. I feel that that's what many of us were expecting, a type of new beginning or pickup with a brand new arc. 

This book is different, set nineteen years after the battle where the main characters are now all settled with families and careers. It was fascinating to see the transition of what nineteen years can do to these characters we love so much. The book revolves mostly on Harry's youngest son, Albus and the struggle between a father and son's relationship. In other words: it's a journey of Harry's experience of how to be a good father to a son who is like a reflection of himself during his childhood and years at Hogwarts. Harry who never really had a father or knew how to be father to his children and everyday it's a learning experience for him. 

The second father and son relationship that is talked majorly about in this book is Draco and his son Scorpius. Draco who had never gotten any type of love or affection from his father and in result doesn't know how to communicate with his own son. 

Here's a dialogue segment from the book from Draco in which he is saying to Harry that touches me: "Love blinds. We have both tried to give our sons, not what they needed, but what we needed. We've been so busy trying to rewrite our own pasts, we've blighted their present."

Parents are always trying to give the best to their children not realizing it was not what they needed but what the parents needed. Both Harry and Draco wanted to change their own pasts through their sons hoping it would make things different which is sad but I feel every parent is like that nowadays in reality.

I've always felt that Harry and Draco were the two characters throughout the series that carried the most burdens and pain. They hated each other and were enemies but after all these years in this new installment--you will get to see how they both struggle to be good fathers and how they struggle to learn how to show love and affection to their sons. 

Other than the huge emphasis on parenthood and the importance of friendship during light and dark times. There is another aspect of the story that touched me deeply and that is the meaning of life that echoes throughout every act and scene in the book. Every parent wants to protect their children from all types of harm, small and big, and in the magic world that Rowling has created-- parents would do anything for their children to shield them from harm including sacrificing their own lives It's admirable but it's not always the right thing to do. 

Dumbledore says this to Harry in the book: "We cannot protect the young from harm. Pain must and will come." "No, you're supposed to teach him how to meet life." 

Harry and all the characters were protected during their young days in some way that was sometimes not obvious to the reader or characters themselves. They were protected indirectly in my opinion sometimes but most of the time...Dumbledore allowed Harry and his friends to experience and meet life as it came to them and letting them experience pain and harm in order for them to grow and learn from mistakes and build their own morals and foundation. 

I felt that I have already said too much. All in all this was an amazing read and it was so fulfilling to see all my favorite characters all so grown up and mature. 

I did wish it was in novel format rather than a play to give it more depth but that may never happen. I also wouldn't mind if Rowling one day decides to write a small trilogy about Albus, James, Rose, Scorpius and the new gang. The book wasn't enough to satisfy for me. 

I am planning to watch the Harry Potter movies all over again because this book brought up my feelings for the characters again and I was like ahhh I must watch the movies again! I miss them! 

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts!


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