Living Your Life

I suddenly thought of this today and wanted to share my thoughts on it. What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of ‘live your lives’? We say it to everyone who seems to be stuck in a certain place or situation too long and we just say it as a way of encouragement for them to get moving.

However, I feel that as encouraging those words are…everyone is different. Not everyone wants to live an exciting life or a life full of adventure and risks. That does mean those people have not tasted the flavors of life or led boring lives with a lack of color. Every life has its own course and it’s own agenda that is usually decided by our own hands and mentality. Some just want a calm and peaceful life with as little obstacles as possible. Some want a life so full of color and vibrancy and drama that that may be the only way they feel important and above everyone else.

Living your life may be as simple as following your dreams of becoming an artist or a mentor to someone. Living your life may be travelling around the entire world or moving to a completely different country. Living your life may be making all the money you can with a great job and living in the big city. Living your life may be as simple as staying close to your parents and immediate family. Living your life may be as simple as working an average job and working towards your passion and dream during free time. Living your life may be as simple as moving to the countryside and spending each day by nature’s side. It all depends on what you want in life as long as it is what you want and are satisfied with then you are living your life to its fullest no matter what others say.

In the past when I told people that I’ve been ready to settle for a few years already, it always aroused shock and disbelief. They’ve always said I was so young and still had my full life in front of me. They asked if I had anything I wanted to do and places to go. Well, everyone is different and I felt that I’ve seen enough of life’s good and bad to know that I am weary and just want to settle down somewhere, someplace in peace. I’ve had too much family drama to really have energy for much else. Yes, I do have places I want to visit but as for everything else….I haven’t really thought about it.

Everyone’s way of living their life is different just as everyone’s life journey and story they tell about themselves is different and that’s what makes each of us special.

My way of living my life is just to write essays, books, articles, blog posts about life and my own experiences and hope my morals and experiences can help others and teach others. I want to be there to help others no matter what to let them know my door is always open and I am always ready to listen. I want to live out on the countryside to be right next to nature every morning, every day, every night. I don’t mind if I have to be a farmer, be away from technology and people. I want that type of life to make life with my own hands, to create characters in perfect or chaotic worlds and tell their stories because their stories are more real and respectable than reality. I want to rise my own livestock and make my own furniture. I want to lead a life so free that I don’t have to be tied down by society’s norms. Maybe I am not suited for this era but that is how I want to live my life to its fullest. A simple an quiet life.

I’ve recently listened to a Chinese song from a TV series that I really loved and I will only translate a few lyrics that fit this moment:



I have long gotten used to coming and going alone
I am more willing to get drunk and wake alone.
Our life journey is a million miles long
And we have never expected for someone to take that journey together.
Between the sky and ground we roam as a longer
That is the most carefree and joyous feeling ever. 

As depressing as this part of the lyrics are, it’s an amazing song and the lyrics are so powerful and speak of what I feel most of the days. I have never really thought of who I want to take that journey with me nor have I expected anyone to.

We all have different levels of satisfaction, of desires, of ambitions, of dreams, of goals, of expectations in life. It all rests in our own life experiences, our hands, our own decisions of how we want to live our lives. So let’s all do our best! As long as we find peace, find joy, find fulfillment in what we’re doing then that’s enough…isn’t it? Don't disapprove of how others plan to live their lives just because it doesn't live up to your expectations and standards. 


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