Remembrance: Fourteenth Anniversary of 9/11

Today marks the fourteenth year anniversary of 9/11. It is always difficult to relive the memories and the experience. It is difficult to be reminded of the pain, the loss, the shock, the suffering, and emptiness that never seem to subside. Let those that left us that day to never be forgotten. Let those that remain to always remember the sacrifices made, lives that were lost, the tragedy and heartbreak experienced. But most of all to never stop believing they are never more than a hand’s length away from you even if you cannot see them with the naked eye. They are watching over you and guarding you with their love and regret. Their only regret being they left the world too soon and left too many words and feelings unsaid. Listen with your heart and memory of them and you’ll find what you seek.

I remember it was in seventh grade when 9/11 happened. Teachers came in pushing TVs. When they turned it on, there was only devastation and tragedy. Many thought it was unreal.

Every new year at every school in my memory when the anniversary day came for 9/11, the teachers would plan the lesson accordingly to remember 9/11 especially in college history classes. It always sparks up a bitter feeling to rise in my chest and sting in my eyes though I didn’t lose anyone in 9/11, but I have had too many loses in my family. Simply, put I can understand and relate and sympathize. It’s not something that you can get over within a certain amount of effort, time, or determination. It is something that never dissipates one bit but only remains deep within you locked away until something triggers it.

Not everyone can make it every year to the memorial services. I understand that and what is most important having the heart to remember, to suddenly stop what you’re doing and stare out your window at work and remember those you’ve lost this day. It’s the thought that matters as for other things that can come second. So please I hope everyone finds a peaceful moment today and remember the love those gone gave you, the warmth they filled you with, the memories you had together, and to say a quick prayer to them wishing them well no matter where they are.

Give them peace and also give yourself peace. Much love to all of you.


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