Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark...A Threat?

Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Jon have all undergone amazing character developments in the show and the books. They all underwent the pain of losing their father, their mother, and elder brother. I don't believe I can say that any one of them suffered any less than the others or experienced less of life than the others. All of them have fought for survival, felt fear choke at their throats everyday, and pulled through with scars that will follow them for a life time. They'd all grown from innocent children when they were at Winterfell into adults who are weary and exhausted of the burdens they carry, their stories, their nightmares, and emotional torment. In Game of Thrones, there is no sweet and icky sweet love for these poor characters, there is only trying to outwit their enemies, the thirst for revenge and the thirst for survival against enemies living and dead. 

Today, the main person I wanted to talk about was Sansa. Ever since the beginning of this season, there have been many moments where Sansa has expressed disapproval in Jon's way of ruling the North such as him forgiving those that had once betrayed the Starks, such as him going to meet Dany, and other small moments. And Littlefinger always lingering around Sansa is nothing more but a bad influence and the looks that he gives her just gives me the icky. 

Sansa was groomed to be the perfect wife, submissive and obedient. She is skilled in music, sowing, and arts. She was the ideal wife to any powerful lord that her parents wanted her wedded to. She always wants to be number one and paid the most attention to. Her beauty and personality became her downfall in more ways than one. She fell victim to Joffery's abuse for years, psychologically and physically. She learned a lot from Cersei during her time at the Red Keep and it also dampened her pride terribly. She was married to and raped by Ramsay...and the list goes on. She has been through a lot but has not really grown although many fans would argue she has. I admit-- she grew in her own way. She's become a woman who still holds jealousy and is scared of losing what she has. Should I say she grew into a spinoff of Cersei?  She has learned more of the political play in a court than self-defense and pretending to be blind like Arya, or became the third eyed raven like Bran after his fall, or like Jon, dying and being reborn, facing off white walkers. 

Basically, Sansa is a woman who is well aware of how to win the popularity in a court, how to play her cards, she's intelligent and sharp, similar to her mother but with a dark side. Her insecurity and jealousy drives her and while Littlefinger is by her side, he will take any chance (as shown) to whisper in her ear, giving her unnecessary ideas. In the last episode, when Brienne and Arya sparred, the concern and fear in Sansa's eyes, and the amusement in Littlefinger's expression foreshadows what may happen in the near future when Ayra proved herself to be Brienne's equal and possibly surpass her. Just as when Jon was at Winterfell, Sansa expressed or I personally felt she wanted to be much more than just be sitting on the side as she watched Jon lead the North. 

Now, Ayra is back with a set of deadly skills, posing a threat her losing the spotlight, the popularity of the North. I hate to say this but I feel Sansa will bring harm to Arya or send her far away with a little push from Littlefinger. Jon went away on his own accord so that played into Littlefinger's favor and Bran poses no physical threat to Sansa. So Arya is the only real threat to Sansa's popularity among the North. 

My question is...would Sansa sacrifice her own blood and only sister for power? Will she become the next Cersei? Or will she become more like her mother, Catelyn Stark? 


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