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Lately, I have been following a page on Facebook called: Catana Comics that my boyfriend introduced me to. I still remember how he introduced it to me like it was yesterday but ever since then I have been stalking her work closely. I know this is making me sound like a creep but her comics are really cute and realistic. The comments and fans she has are all amazing and they love her work so much so I advise you all to check her out as well! 

When my boyfriend showed me one of her comics, I immediately fell in love and found it so relatable and realistic to how my boyfriend and I are. Most of her comics mirror how he and I are when we are together and it's totally adorable. I told him that I felt like she was sketching out our cute little moments through her comics. 

As I read through the comments on her new posts, everyone said it was so real and how it was exactly was with their significant other half. that shocked me that she was able to capture and sketch out moments that are relatable to everyone bringing everyone so much happiness, laughter, and joy to see little moments being sketched down. 

I appreciate Catana for all she does even though it's just her way of sharing moments that she and her boyfriend have with everyone else. In my opinion it is much more than that, she's sharing her happiness and laughter with everyone and everyone feels that same laughter, joy, and relates to what she experiences and that is very special. 

My boyfriend and I are definitely very pleased and always joking and loving her comics of how closely relatable they are. I feel that Catana and I are very similar in many ways personality wise here are a few good examples from her comics: 

This is exactly how i am with my boyfriend all the time. I am a very clingy little girl haha. So, Catana, I feel your pain and everything! A simple gesture can make me so happy. When he lets go of my hand, I start feeling like he's forgotten about me, only his hugs can recharge me! Cheesy I know but that's how closely relatable these comics are to us!

Keep on drawing Catana!


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