American Food Versus Asian Food

Don't get me wrong. I love american food. I love pizzas and the turkey and chicken burgers and stuff. However, one thing I have never understood when we go to eat out is why do american restaurants only serve ice water whereas in asian restaurants they serve hot tea. I never understood that though I always have ice water most of the time. It's refreshing but to even drink that during the winter is kinda yikes. Hot tea is different! It's health beneficial and there are many types of tea and also wakes you up if you are tired and sleepy! If anyone wants to discuss or explain why, I will be more than happy to listen. 

Onto the next rant! Most Chinese foods contain soy sauce because that is the main ingredient for seasoning in Chinese dishes. It's delicious and now that many companies are coming up with low sodium soy sauce that are healthier options for many. Asians typically love their food very bland if it is a home cooked meal. When they eat at a restaurant, they typically like it blandly to mildly seasoned and soy sauce and some other sauces they use. 

On the other hand, americans love sugar on everything! Everything! Donuts, cookies, pies, cakes, ice cream, everything that you can think of! There are healthier options and alternatives but when you ask what kind of foods americans love- they will always say donuts! Not only are american foods unbelievably sweet...they are also heavily seasoned regardless if it's salt or paprika or pepper. Everything is strong in flavor which I guess is what americans love but it's totally different for asian countries! 

The last thing I wanted to talk about is the difference in portion size of asian and american foods at restaurants. I only realized this after I started eating out with my boyfriend. American food portions are HUGE! Half a burger is able to fill me up, less than half of a giant plate of spaghetti has me stuffed, and the appetizers fill me up half way already or give me a good sturdy 3-4% fullness. I can never understand why americans can eat so much. Asian portions are much smaller where it seems like it's a tasting than having a lot of one plate of food. I am not ashamed to say that I typically need a box to take most of my food home for a lunch for the next day. My stomach just isn't as big as americans haha. 


  1. I see you touched on portion sizes as well. 'Muricans love those super sized values! Haha.

    1. I think you didn't switch accounts hahahahaha. Yes, I did! =_= All you americans and super sized values!

  2. Wait a minute.......I'm commenting as you?......Funny. Haha.


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