How Will Samurai Jack End?

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched season 5, I highly advise you to turn back right now! Because what I will be talking about, is mainly concerning the last few episodes of Samurai Jack season 5. 

My boyfriend and I have been keeping up with the last season of Samurai Jack ever since it started and with the show finale being this weekend...we are just a bundle of emotions and excitement. To be honest, I have not really watched Samurai Jack prior to season 5. I watched season 1 and 2 and some scattered episodes here and there but nothing too consistent after season 2. 

However, the last two episodes of season 5 have left me in a bundle of aww's and ooo's and anger and woe. I love the bond that was built between Ashi and Jack. It has been an enjoyment to watch how these two came from enemies to comrades, to having romantic feelings for each other in a span of episodes. Watching Ashi struggle and find the right way was heartbreaking but not as much as seeing Jack so directionless and then regaining his sword. 

Jack and Ashi have both come a long way and battled their inner demons a lot. Because of that- they didn't realize how much their personal feelings were evolving for each other little by little. When I saw how flustered Jack was and the chemistry and love that was spilling across the the last two episodes- my heart was a rollercoaster of joy and fear! Writers and producers love giving the watchers some sweets and happy moments and then boom....all destroyed. 

In the most current episode- Ashi's origin was revealed to be Aku's daughter which was blew my mind but if you were to think back to the beginning of the season and think of how Ashi was treat...she was pushed harder than any of the other girls during training. It seemed abnormal and some really nice foreshadowing. 

And now you have Ashi being controlled/taken over by Aku and Jack's painful childhood memories unveiled and how deep his hate runs for Aku and all that Aku took from him. Ashi is being forced to kill Jack, Jack doesn't want to kill Ashi because of love and friendship. Ashi wants Jack to kill her because she's can't stop Aku's power. It's heartbreaking and emotional overall to see such a phase in any show. 

And my theory is most likely what's going to happen is Ashi's going to sacrifice herself or Jack is going to end up killing her against his will by accident or force or something. I am under the guess that if Ashi gets killed then it must effect Aku in some way. It could kill him. I hope? Or the writers bring back good characters that they've killed in past seasons to help Jack. Or all the people that Jack saved comes to help him like lend him their light energy to defeat the darkness and wiping Ashi out too? Because Ashi is tied to Aku so there's no denying that. Unless they figure out a way to extract what Ashi has of Aku out of her body but that's a bit too complicated and crazy. And my own writing instinct is coming in so I'll be quiet! I mean if the show were to have another season- I could see it being a cliffhanger ending. But this is the end of Samurai Jack forever so ....they got to tie it up even if it's rushed or not. It's going to a bittersweet ending...let's leave it at that.


  1. Oh Please Gennady please i want to see ashi and Jack kill Aku together. And after defeating Aku , Jack and Ashi should get married and Ashi i going to wear a beautiful wedding dress just like tiana dress from Walt Disney's Princess and the Frog and together they should have their own Walt Disney ending

    1. I don't blame you for wanting that type of ending too. I want a happy ending for Jack and Ashi. But all writers love to rip and tear us apart to the very end....


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