Thoughts On Transgender Ban in Military

This sudden piece of news  is causing a lot of controversy and heated arguments across the internet after President Trump tweeted this. There are a ton of people that agree with this ban and believe it should be put in effect immediately and there are also people that wish this will be dismissed. I don't understand why people must discriminate against those who are gay, lesbian, or transgender. We should respect others regardless of their religious beliefs, sex, backgrounds, and so forth. Weren't we taught to respect others in school? Is respecting each other so difficult? 

Is learning to respect someone who is different more difficult than passing a military entrance exam?

Anyone who can pass the military exam and courses are able to be part of the military. I have never taken any military exam or course but I have friends that have and I know it is a treacherous and tormenting experience. It takes a lot of courage, energy, and passion for one to sign up for the military, so how are those who are transgender, gay, lesbian different from a straight person in the military? They all love their jobs. They all underwent the same exams and torments. They all fight the same enemy. They all put their lives on the line every single day. 

When soldiers are on the battlefield or even an army camp, whatever one's sexuality or what kind of people they like should not effect them. Men and women are equal. When the government allowed women to serve in the military, that broke a social norm and when gays, lesbians, and transgenders were allowed to serve that also broke another norm. So why is everyone trying to ban transgenders from serving? Because their medical care is becoming too expensive for the military to handle? What a joke. They give their life to the country, to the people and they are going to be dismissed like that? 

No wonder America is a lost cause. 

There was a very emotional piece of news today and I would like to share it with everyone: 

A commenter on Facebook said something that was very meaningful today. I unfortunately forgot to screenshot it and save it. I quote - not entirely accurate but the small snippet I remembered: 'I bet this dog didn't care that he was fighting with transgenders in the field.' Yes, animals will not discriminate against others. They are loyal and fight with their allies regardless of what kind of person they are fighting alongside as long as they are fighting for the same goals, dreams, and hopes.

I only hope everyone could understand that. Everyone was born the same with the same organs and body form. But everyone's journey is different and the way they think are different. What they choose to do and how they shape their moral and values are their own choices and freedom. We should respect that. 


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