Game of Thrones: Thoughts on Jon and Dany's Meeting

I think the best part of episode 3 of season 7 of Game of Thrones for me was probably the part where Jon and Dany finally meet after such a long wait. These two that are so similar in terms of events they experienced through their life journey...and finally meeting at Dragonstone covered in scars and wounds of life. 

It was a breath taker moment for me when Jon Snow stepped through those double doors and came into the presence of Dany. Both not aware of all that the other had went through until Tyrion spoke up and shared what Jon went through where Dany told her own experience. The expressions on both of these characters were priceless. They revealed a tiny ounce of what seemed like bewilderment for the other when they learn of the others past but refused to say or express any type of sympathy. Perhaps, this is because they're done feeling sorry for others and showing their true feelings and having it get trampled upon. These both are some the strongest and well developed characters in the series besides Ayra in my opinion. 

The conversation between Jon and Dany was a heated one. Jon wished for Dany to stand by Winterfell as they fend off the Night King and his army unfortunately Dany's hatred and thirst to reclaim the Iron throne gets the better of her. She is blinded by her anger and mission to hear the reasoning and information that Jon tells her. I personally feel bad for blaming Dany for being too stubborn and hard headed in her mission and goal and not seeing the big picture. However, she has been through hell and back and she just wants what is rightfully hers. 

I agree with Jon's reasoning that if Dany doesn't set her hatred and mission aside to reclaim the throne for a moment-- all Dany would be ruling would be a vast graveyard. Jon's moral makes more sense as he thinks of the bigger picture. Regardless of how much everyone hates each other and remembers grudges within the seven kingdoms, in times of chaos and threat, they should all join forces against the foreign enemy. Unite and defend their home against the bigger enemy and stop bickering, scheming and slaughtering against each other. Sadly, no one is able to see that but Jon and maybe Tyrion. 

Also, I feel that Dany is too desperate to gain more allies. She repeatedly asks Jon to bend at the knee and call her queen as she refuses to call him King of the North. She is a bit naive and narrow minded. She is smart but her desperation clouds her judgement. If she is willing to put down her grudge, and fight with Jon or aid him in anyway she can, he will remember the blessing and fight with her. Asking a man that does not know you to bend at the knee on the first sight is ridiculous- some men might but not Jon Snow, sorry Dany. 

In this meeting, we also see for a brief moment, that Jon is still angered by what Dany's father had done to the Starks. Raping Lyanna Stark and killing Brandon Stark. Jon couldn't put down his prejudice towards the House of Targaryen what the Mad King did. I was screaming in my head: 'No No, Jon! That is going to set Dany off!' And it did. Dany asked for Jon's apology sincerely for what her father did and asked him to not judge her for what her father did that they are not the same. I felt for Dany at that moment. 

It is not fair to anyone to be blamed for something that the generation before them did. Not everyone is the same and everyone should be given a fair chance to prove themselves. You can't say Dany is going to be the same as her father and claim the House of Targaryen is mad. Jon forgave those of the North that betrayed House Stark...why can't he forgive Dany? 

Good thing is- Dany proved herself to be different by allowing Jon to mine dragon glass in the end which I felt caught Jon by surprise and they shared a moment of understanding. 

Jon has already proved himself to be the bigger person here, the braver one, and the characteristics of a true king by being aware of the bigger picture, exercising forgiveness of others. He has expressed himself as a better leader than Dany as well unfortunately. 

As strong as Dany is as a fighter and survivor, she is still a woman who cannot let go of hatred, anger, resentment, and revenge. Whereas Jon is able do so much easier and forgive which is what a true king is supposed to portray.

I am super excited to see more moments between Jon and Dany as these two offer a lot of potential and room for growth and development in their relationship. 


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