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Karmic Beginnings:
I am very pleased to announce that I have posted the first chapter of my story on Wattpad to all of you!
Those of you that have known me for a very long time know what I have always loved writing, journaling, and reading. I am inseparable from anyone of those things. Some of you also know that for years and years I have been working hard on my dreams to become an acknowledged writer. For years and years, I have been writing from notebook to notebook on story ideas I have come out with from out of the blue. I spent all my free time with my pen grinding on paper, buying stacks of five subject notebooks every year when they are on sale to just use to write my stories in before I switched over to using a computer. 
Growing up- there was a lot of objections from family members telling me that I can't become a writer or even attempt because writers make no money unless you break through with some book that will change or rattle the entire world. However, I didn't give up and I know this is nothing close to getting published but this is a step forward. I have never posted much of my own writing on the net because I feel they are all my children. I don't want anyone to read it or criticize it. But that type of thinking is wrong and only hinders myself and my chances. 
Now, I am very proud to say that I have finally decided on what story I want to tell and a lot of the inspiration from several dear friends and they all know who they are. So now- I bring to you, the first chapter of my book. I hope you all enjoy and give me valuable feedback! 


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