Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone I know and don't. Happy Thanksgiving to every breathing being that walks on this place we call home though we are scattered across the globe...we still share the same sky. 

I am thankful for a lot this year. I've learned a lot this year. I believe that age is only a number we say but it is life and what life does to us that makes us really grow, change, mature, become stronger, become who we are. I've felt that of everything that has happened since I was a kid to now and seen everyday of my life has turned me into an 80 year old elderly woman. Nothing much can faze me much. 

I am thankful for being soon 27 this year. Thankful for still being so young and my entire life is still ahead of me and it has a limitless amount of opportunities and possibilities waiting for me to chase. I've already chased my dream for so long but this year I tried twice as hard and it was fruitful. I am thankful for having a pretty healthy life for these 27 years so far with not too major illnesses. 

I am thankful for having my mom here still with me for more than 20 years since my dad passed away before I was able to recognize him. My mom is a very aggressive and hot-tempered woman. She has a ton of that spunk from the countryside and has a stubbornness that can compete with the stubbornest ox you can find. She acts like a child and we always argue and fight over everything. But she is still my mom and I have to take care of her and look after her no matter what happens. I am nothing like her personality or moral wise which goes to say how much nurturing really comes into play. 

I am thankful for having such a wonderful Aunt Lee that taught me since I knew right from wrong the morals and life lessons I needed to be a good person. She passed away last year and I have still not yet recovered. However, her shadow, her spirit, her warmth, her big heart, her love remains in me. She was like a second mother to me and that is a blessing and grace that I will never forget for as long as I live. My love and knowledge for ancient China's history also came from her. I can say if she wasn't in my life --- I may have turned out just like my mom. 

I am thankful for my friends such as Jamie, Yvette, Rekari, Andy, Reggie, Dora, Bryan, Sharonda, Shameka, Joe, Liz, Ashley, Matt, Ines, Katie, Alex  Crystal, Dusty, Richard, Wendy, Jess, Bianca, Diana, and many others! Friends to me are closer than my own family at times and priceless. They bring me out of my bad days, give me smiles and laughs that I sometimes cannot even find with family. They allow me to forget even for a brief moment of the burden I have to carry in my personal life. I would do anything for them even if I had to give up something. I give my sincerest heart and feelings to them and hope that only the same can be returned but it's not a must. I do what I want without seeking repayment it's just that simple.

I am thankful for my passion and gift in writing and fiery passion in reading. I never got any toys as a child. The first present I ever received was a Dr. Seuss book and it's still my favorite children's book. I am an only child so other than school all k did was stay home and read and write under my aunts watchful eye for many years. It was fate for me to be tied by books or it just happened due to me not having too many friends when I was young. Or maybe when I started to write my own version of a book when I didn't like how it ended.

Did I bore you? I apologize. I hope you all have a great thanksgiving and remember all those who've sadly left us and be thankful for them being in your lives and giving you warm memories to remember them by. Be thankful that you once knew them, be thankful that they were once in your life than never at all regardless if the memories were sweet,bitter, bittersweet, or painful. Today is a day of thankfulness so let it be a peaceful and joyous day with new memories.


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