Homes cannot be measured by square feet, by rooms, by how many bathrooms or studies there are. Homes are nothing if no one lives in them and create memories in them. Homes can be a one bedroom apartment with three people living in it. It's only a place where we can have a roof over our head. It gives us the essential needs as a human, a place to rest, to recuperate before we step into society again. Homes aren't built to be happy. They are just made of bricks, wood, paint, stone and will age with time, but the memories the people who lived in it made won't ever fade.

When people say that they are happy when they go home, it's not because of how the home looks, not because of it's kitchen, that expensive, chandelier or television set. But it's because of the people that created it, created a life inside the home. We have to make the home an enjoyable place for us to return to at the end of a tiring day. A place where we can forget the pain, the frustration, the stress from work and really unwind.

A home shouldn't be a place where endless fights occur over little things, disrupting every family member and causing more stress. A home shouldn't be a place where one fears to return to each night, it should be a place where everyone has an excitement to return to because that home holds the people they care about the most and the best memories. A place where they can be themselves and breath in relief.

However, how happy a home is really depends on the effort the family in the home puts in. Don't you agree?


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