Black Sesame Works Magic!

When I grew up, my aunt always made me black sesame powder paste. She said black sesame is very healthy and beneficial for the human body. I am really grateful and am intrigued by how knowledge my aunt was on health and all the little dishes and Chinese herbal recipes she used to make me eat and drink. I would bravely say that black sesame powder is one of the ones that didn't actually taste bitter nor had a nasty odor to it. 

The prepackaged ones you cane find at asian supermarkets are usually sweet and you just have to add hot water to one package. However, if you don't like prepackaged ones, you could always buy a big bag of black sesame seeds yourself and use a blender and blend it into a powder form and then cook it in a pot of water and add salt or sugar to it for your liking. I tend to like to make my own because it's more fun to do and I can add what I like to it. If you don't want to add salt or sugar, I have had it just cooked without anything and it tastes fine. It depends on your preference of course. 

Health benefits for eating black sesame includes: good source of vitamin e, can heal chronic illness after 100 days, reverse gray hair after a period of time, improve skin tone, regrow teeth after a few years, delay aging and extend life expectancy! There many other benefits but those are a few fun ones and factual ones. It can also help with weight loss and lower blood pressure levels as well. 

No wonder people always say Asians know to preserve their lives through simple foods. I love anything with black sesame in them. If you guys are busy people and have no time or interest in going through so much trouble, there are other options such as: 

BLACK SESAME CANDIES! There are also white sesame candies as well. These are also found in most asian supermarkets. I love making them at home though and their very simple to make as well. But they aren't pricey and pretty convenient for those who are constantly outdoors or on the move. I usually buy honey or sticky sugar and a bag of sesame seeds and mix it all together with ginger sometimes and mold them into these long bars and bake them for half an hour and then chop them up into pieces and have them in a jar. 



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