Thoughts on Rhonda Byrne's The Secret

My friend introduced me to a series of books by Rhonda Byrne called The Secret is an amazing book. She recommended it when I confided in her about my relationship problems and after I started reading it I couldn’t stop. The book is very down to earth and is able to relatable to most people I feel. We should always seek ways to improve ourselves and become a better person especially if we’d had a horrible childhood or life. However, it also depends on what we’re taught and how we were raised for us to be willing to find ways to improve ourselves.  Not everyone is willing to change sometimes because they’ve been a certain way for so long that they don’t know what will happen if they changed and sometimes it’s because they feel their way about life is the right way.

We cannot change people or force them to or we will meet people and situations which try to force us to change as well. How you treat people is how people will treat you in the long run. If you don’t like to be forced to accept the views of others, then please don’t argue an try to make others accept your views on whatever it is! It will come back to you and then it’s a cycle that never stops.

I digress way more than necessary. My point is this book overlapped a lot with my way of thinking and what I’ve been raised to believe and experienced to believe. There are some points in the book that goes against what I have been taught growing up so there are some things that I have to make an effort to change. It’s not a very difficult effort – they mentioned it should be done without much effort and it should just flow.

The main idea and points I loved was how they spoke of thoughts and feelings and how to always believe in the universe as being filled with abundance and don’t think negative thoughts. When you think negative thoughts, you attract negative thoughts, people, and situations. Always be grateful and be thankful. Another thing I really loved about the book was all the real life experiences the contributors shared. I adored the part about how quantum physics explain the universe as an energy field and we are all pillars of energy with so much love and untapped potential. We should start tapping into that now and nothing is impossible. Any incurable disease is curable. Don’t be anti-this or that because that’ll only bring more anti rallies and unrest to society.

  • ·      Visualize that you’re already an amazing author or healer or whatever you want to be each day and the light will make it happen. Don’t stress out about the how it will happen because that is not for you to know or worry about. Just focus on your actions so they don’t contradict what you want, in short make sure your thoughts, feelings, actions, are all in alignment and it will happen. Love yourself and respect yourself first.
  • ·      You should be giving to those in need without seeking repayment. You should feel good about giving and not feel resentment after giving. Be happy that you are helping those in need. Don’t think ‘I don’t have enough.’ You have to believe that ‘I have enough to give’. You will then attract like thoughts back to you.
  • ·      Don’t complain but be grateful for what you have each day. Don’t say you wished you had this or one day you’ll have that. You already do if you are willing to believe and feel it is in your grasp.

The book made me think and I’m glad I read it. I cannot wait to read The Power. I am grateful each day already but this book has taught me some valuable lessons that explained to me why I haven’t achieved anything I wanted. There was always this amount of doubt in me when I wanted to do something like I am insufficient to make something reality. However, the book speaks that doubt is the worst enemy one can have and it will ruin us. Never doubt yourself. It’s very inspiring and enlightening. I recommend you all to read it.


  1. I will try to read it in Spanish haha but you know that I have always thought that living the life positively is the best way! When I talk with you, I like that you laugh and don't think always about the worst but it's difficult ;) And remember that you and me have a meeting in process someday, I promised you hahaha Not oblige me to take a plane and to go there now!!

    "To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so"


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