Why I like historical series more than modern ones

I’ve always had a liking for period dramas more than modern ones for some reason. Maybe it may be the first television series I was introduced to as a child were historical dramas about ancient china such as: Art of War, Three kingdoms of Romance, The Golden Era of Tang, etc. I grew a huge love for the conspiracies, plots, the amped storyline and danger around every corner and the battle of intelligence and wits and the power of silence and inner worlds of those historical figures. Most of though—I loved the chivalry men lived by and the virtue women protected and the intelligence men and women alike held. The love that was not selfish but selfless, honor and dignity that meant more than their own lives.

I am not saying I don’t love modern series like: Criminal Minds, Bones, Law and Order, NCIS, CSI, Hannibal, Blacklist, Game of Thrones, Dexter, House of Cards, Supernatural, and shows like that. I love suspenseful and gruesome shows but that’s all I like. I don’t give much care to comedy or other genres. I did love Friends, Charmed, and Everybody loves Raymond. Those are my old classic favorites. 

There has always been an air of elegance and sophistication about period dramas that I’ve always loved and their clothing and way they speak on television and in novels. History is just so serious and so amped and complicated that it just makes me thirst for more. I love picking apart the details and watch and read about the battle of wits and the dark secrets court officers hide and the power struggle. It seems so realistic and mirrors how modern society is in big companies and governments.

Some may say period dramas, historical documentaries are boring but I love watching those and reading about them. History is a crucial part of us and if we don’t know history then history is doomed to repeat itself as it already is with how the stately affairs across the country are right now and beyond. I also love the infrastructures of historical dramas and I love horse riding so period dramas have a special place in my heart.

Women are skilled in the arts of mothering, chess, music, art, books, handiwork, and cooking. While men were skilled in books, military tactics, self-defense, art, music, chess, building, and had hearts only for progression and lived by chivalry. How I wish such a way of living were possible now, to be able to ride under an open sky with a companion and share each other’s poetry, wits, and compose music together.

Not only those points but also I felt that people back then cared and valued bonds that they shared much more than people do now.

About modern dramas- I don’t much favor them unless they are similar to the ones I’ve mentioned above because some of them are very sexual and I am not comfortable with that. Women throw themselves at men recklessly and love seems to be a rollercoaster like ride rather than remaining devoted to one man. The same thing goes around for men alike.

And that’s the end of that! Many may argue and disagree with my view so feel free to discuss or comment. :)


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