The Starbucks Reusable Holiday Cup Craze 

I was very hyped about this as I’ve never paid attention to these promotions, but I wanted a reusable cup for fun but I didn’t get one unfortunately. They all sold out instantly to my knowledge.

I understand Starbucks is the biggest coffee company in the world without a question. Everyone loves Starbucks for the large variety of drinks they have. It’s practially the busiest drink spot every single day at all hours. You all have seen the lines at Starbucks drive thrus and in store and it can get chaotic. It’s so popular among the old and young especially college kids- your 9-5 office workers. It’s a given that it’s the most popular drink to bring anywhere. You needed a strong coffee- Starbucks has what you need. You want a nice treat- Starbucks is pretty much your go to. It’s a great place to hang out, do homework, have small meetings, and just relax at.

Of course - when Starbucks announced the holiday reusable cup for this drove everyone’s craze for Starbucks to another dimension of extremities. I was told that the Starbucks around the neighborhood had lines for the drive thru across the entire parking lot. Of course we all know their all there for that cup. It’s consjmerism. It’s greed. It’s the need to have something materlistic. You would think right? I’d say yeah there are sincere and loyal Starbucks customers who want those cups so they can get that discount every time they used it after 2 pm.

However, my boyfriend told me to do some snooping just out of curiosity and we went on eBay. We did a search for the Starbucks reusable holiday cup 2018, and we found something very interesting but not surprising. People were selling these reusable cups for 13-20 bucks for a single one. As we scrolled down, it got a bit more aggravating. We saw five of those cups for sale for about 80 dollars. There was one person who was selling four for 60 dollars. I was baffled. How are you going to get a drink, then circle back for more drinks just to get more cups to sell? Why are you  all so selfish and greedy? Who would want a cup that has been used by someone else? I don’t care if it’s been cleaned...seriously. Why would you people want to make cash like that?

You know there are people out there who just want to try one of the drinks to celebrate the season and get the cup as well for fun. And thank you to those who went through those drive thru multiple times to get a bunch of cups to sell for their own profit. Thank you for ruining the fun and mood of those who didn’t get a cup.

This shows you how consumerism and greed is destroying people and the society. It’s a process of buy buy buy and then selling it for a higher sell profit. Also, how materialistic people are.

My boyfriend and I went to try a Starbucks near home last night to get a cup. We were behind 3 cars in the drive thru and two more were behind us. The staff had a paper stuff on the order intercom that said: no red cups. That was Hilarious to see. And then the wait was very long to get our drinks. We got our drinks for free in the end so it was a shock .


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