Sharing a same cigarette

I just got home in front of my building and saw this really cute snowman! I wondered who made this cute little fella right on a stone table in our little front courtyard. I thought it was a person or kid sitting there at first. However, when I got a good look at it, it was a snowman! Not just any snowman! A snowman that smokes! How cute is that? I don't know if you guys can see it clearly but there's a cigarette in his mouth. I can picture a father or mother and their kid making this little snowman. A parent smoking until the cigarette is almost at the end of its life and then crush the tip out and put it in the snowman's mouth. To taste a ciagrette's taste between two people is magical.

I don't smoke, but I think to be able to share something together is very special even if the snowman is not real. Also, don't know if you guys noticed but there are pebbles on the table. I don't know if  that was intentional but it seemed really cute to do so. was starting to melt and the pebbles fell off. Who knows. =D


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