Coffee Talk: What Decade Do You Wish You Lived Through?

Coffee Talk: What Decade Do You Wish You Lived Through?

There are too many decades I wish to go to and live in. However, if I must pick one then I want to go back to ancient China or Victorian England. Why ancient China because I want to wear those beautiful robes and have though hair stixs in my hair. I want to learn the way of their way of living and be able to portray my skills. I want to meet a man who'll take my breath away with his intelligence. I want to relive history.

Victorian England because the gowns girls wore were just gorgeous and I would love to have a British accent! I want to see how it was really like to live in that era rather than reading and watching it on tv and in books. I want to rise up like one of Jane Austen's girls and speak my mind and be as free as the wind. Go to balls in beautiful gowns. See the beautiful countryside. 

Don't you feel like sometimes you aren't meant to live in this decade? Your skills would be more useful in another time with probably less competition. Can you picture yourself in another era, another setting, with a different scenery?


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