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Sorry for no blog posts for so long! I didn't have any internet other than on my phone which I didn't want to use too much. But I am back now! I apologize to all my readers!

Today I shall talk about tea! I don't usually drink tea too often because they're so pricey. The brands I buy anyway from Asian supermarkets. I do want to learn to grow tea trees, so I can gather my own tea leaves and dry them and brew them for tea. Mmmm. I wonder if it's possible to grow a tea tree indoors since I don't have a yard.

Anyways here are the three types of tea I usually drink in the order I rank them as.

Green tea has always been my top choice for tea. A fun fact is that it's been used in China for 4,000 years in medicine! Amazing isn't it! I am happy I come from a tea drinking ancestry and country.
Drinking green tea lowers bad cholesterol and balances good and bad cholesterol out, it reduces risks of certain cancers, reduces chances of cardiovascular disease, prevent tooth decay and so much more. 

Green tea is used in creams, lotions, shampoos and other products now which really make you wonder how awesome it is. The only downside to tea is it contains caffeine but not as much as coffee itself. 

White tea my second favorite for tea. I love white tea. I read that white tea is beneficial for the heart and preventing heart disease. Also white tea's taste is less grassy than green tea and less strong as black tea. Because white tea is basically immature tea leaves that are plucked right away after they bloomed, sometimes my knowledge of tea frightens even myself. White tea is more healthy for you because they are closest to their natural state right after blooming and contains powerful anti-oxidants  that fights and kills cancer causing cells more than any other tea!

Black tea is the one type of tea I never really liked. Because the taste is so strong and leaves a horrible after taste and feel in the mouth that makes me shiver, I am not sure if it's the brand I drink or something else. However, the health benefits of it is amazing. It protects your heart from heart attacks and reduces the amount of cholesterol you absorb from foods. It protects your stomach and intestines as well. Pretty amazing facts right?

Maybe I'll give black tea another try. 

That reminds me that I have to stock up on some tea bags from the supermarket soon. If you have a favorite tea brand or cheap ones please let me know! 


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