Thoughts on Voting

Voting has been a huge talk lately regardless of whether it's on television, or newspapers, or social media feeds, or blogs. I believe that it's important to not forget how much it others sacrificed for us to be able to vote especially for women. We should be thankful and grateful for the chance of being able to vote and state our opinions and hope the promises candidates made to us will become reality. If we were to go back further in history like ancient China, Japan, and Egypt, we should even be more grateful for being born in a time where opinions matter, right?

I am not against voting or anything. I am for it 100%. However, I cannot help but feel very disgusted at what I saw on television the past few weeks before the voting day came. There were advertisements of politicians attacking each other and nasty comments and messages about other candidates. I was like: ‘wait a minute. What the heck is this? It was like watching a bunch of school kids bullying and attacking each other over the prize.’ Do they really have evidence on the things they claim the one they’re accusing of doing? I am sure they do or not but how much of that is fabricated and how much of it is truth?

Did those who sacrificed themselves for equality in voting sacrifice themselves for this? Maybe I just don’t understand it. I apologize if I offend anyone who reads this post. The question is: What will those who have died for voting have to say if they saw how voting has become for the candidates and the voters?

My question is I wonder how many of the oaths and promises those who win the elections are going to keep and work to make come true? How many promises go forgotten once they go into office? How can anyone promise they won’t commit the same acts like the ones they accused others of doing?

Power sometimes goes to their heads and overwhelms them. Power causes them to forget what they wanted for the people and power blinds them to cause them to see only what they want and to bend matters to their advantages. I realize I am making this sound horribly dark and full of conspiracy, but I’ve lost my hope in politics and politicians all together a while ago. I don’t trust a thing they promise.

However, I still vote every time because voting is a privilege bestowed upon us after many lives were lost to make it possible. Not voting is disrespecting those who died for us to have this right.


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