Why Care About Views of Others?

“The views of society is only for a brief amount of time, but heartache lasts a lifetime." 

I have been experiencing mentally and emotionally but am surprised that I have not had a breakdown yet. I just wanted to share these words of wisdom with you and share some of my insight on this matter as well since I have come across a situation recently in which a person chose ambitions over a person. We all have ambitions and it's understandable and admirable as well. However, when your ambitions threaten to cause you to lose someone or something that you hold dear then that is dangerous. Many of us may not have ambition at the top of the list but have certain principles and rules to abide by. Rules and principles are dead but people are alive. Are you really willing to lose that thing you treasure to rules that only allow you to pass something by? There are also people who are privacy freaks and don’t wish anyone knowing their business especially at work such as dating a coworker. Maybe they cannot take the whispers behind their back or the gossips will arise or how others will view them so they choose to lose what they care for.

I chose the saying at the beginning of this post that I found in a current series I am watching and did my best to translate it for this reason. 

Society’s views only last for a brief amount of time. The views of others on you and what you chose to do shouldn’t be paid much care to if you really treasure what you have or whom you love. Whatever they say is there business as long as you don’t allow that to get to you. Be firm in what you want, in whom you love, and in your faith that every thing you hear will eventually die down before you know it. If you are able to withstand those views, you will prove not only your passion and determination but also how you are as a person. If you loved something enough or had a deep passion, wouldn’t you choose to ignore what others say and keep on moving forward with your beliefs no matter what? 

Wouldn’t you choose to lose everything before you can bear to lose what you truly hold dear and care about? Don’t make that mistake of worrying about how friends, family, coworkers, society will view you. Worry of how you will be viewed in the eyes of those who understand, care, and accept you for all you are and are not. Because views only last a brief amount of time, yet heartache unfortunately lasts a lifetime and probably longer. 

No regrets right? Why be guilty with regret because of things you were afraid to do, or say, or views you didn’t want and lose the bigger thing? Please don’t make that mistake and make even a bigger mistake by losing what you thought you could lose. 
Take the leap and do what society says is unacceptable regardless of what it is you want to do. Don't worry about what others think but focus on yourself and what your thoughts and heart are trying to tell you. There will always be people who say 'this isn't acceptable' or 'that goes against all natural ways of life'. No matter what they say as long as it feels right to you then why not go through with it?

Yes, not everyone may understand you’re thinking, or your way of life, or morals that you live by. The heart wants what it wants and you have the decision to choose whether you will deny what you want by hiding behind an excuse or standing up against the views and even your own principles probably. Be strong and don’t waver in your dreams, in love, in life, in your ambitions, in what you want. 


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