Church Bells

Have you ever noticed how church bells haunt you when you hear them? Whether you live by a church, passing by a church, or sitting in a church, doesn't it's sound send chills down your spine? Yesterday, I was waiting at the 147 bus stop and suddenly through my earphones, I heard the sound of church bells in the distance. I used to leave near a church and took that sound for granted. 

However, I guess it's because I am older now that I realized how peaceful and soothing it is to hear the sound of church bells suddenly. When the bells drown out the music coming from your earphones, your body just goes stiff as you listen to that sound. How many times do you have this moment of silence in a day? How many times do you pray per day? When was the last time you stopped at a church for more than gossip on a Sunday morning?

The crisp, spiritual sound a church bell makes shouldn't be taken for granted or lightly. It struck me like a jolt of lightning as I reflected on where I am in life and where should i go from here. It was a smack over the head. Wake up, get your act together, stop dwelling on matters that won't feed you. 


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